May 2019

HEART OF GOLD - Little Acts of Kindness

Clarkson Potter, January 2020

FROM YES TO I DO: An Engagement Journal

A unique journal for chronicling the exciting time from the engagement to the wedding.
Confetti on the cover.

Chronicle Fall 2018

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101 JOYS MAKE A RAINBOW: A Gratitude Journal by Hannah Rogge

In this ingenious book, you write down what you are grateful for on a specific date and then fold the page.  After 101 entries, you will have created an awesome three-dimensional rainbow - a paper sculpture of your joys that can be displayed.

Chronicle Books, August 25 2015


101 SMILES MAKE A SUNSHINE: A Happiness Journal by Hannah Rogge

Write down what makes you happy on a specific day and fold along the dotted lines. After 101 notations, you will have created a remarkable three-dimensional sun, complete with rays. Display this paper sculpture as a constant reminder of the good things that make you smile.

Chronicle Books, August 25 2015


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NO WORRIES: Write. Act. Turn the Page. by Dian G. Smith and Robie Rogge

This inspirational journal is designed to break down nagging thoughts into actionable steps.  Write. Act. Turn the Page.  It invites you to come back later and remove a perforated "worry corner"  if the worry is resolved.  The pages are filled with quotes that help put worrying in perspective.

Noterie/Abrams, Spring 2016


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